How many iterations of this blog will there be?

When I was in therapy, we decided my biggest obstacle was my inner meanie. Now, I wonder if the coyote collaborated with the inner meanie to create a blog dedicated to outlining the ways I am sometimes foolish. I intend to contrast this with ways I am clever, or exceptional, even. So what does that leave you with, dear reader? An illustration of how self absorbed I can be, I suppose. Wait, was that you, inner meanie?? Yeah, it’s tricky.

The truth is, I’m learning all the time. Sometimes, I learn things the hard way… In other words, I am unique, just like everybody else. My next blog will be about my life’s work, which is equal parts foolishness and brilliance. I know you can’t wait!


Comments on: "I’m not a complete meanie" (2)

  1. I look forward to hearing you talk about your accomplishments. I’m sure there are many!

    • Hopefully, I can keep blogging everyday. Might be challenging with my work schedule. What a weird feeling. Wanting to go back to my job, and hating the idea of having no time again.

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