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“Lost” Keys

Another vote for deleting the “Not” in my Blog title….

Last night I was rather busy, coming home. I put down my laptop case, unstrapped my backpack, and then headed outside to hunt slugs. (I’m all for the minimal suffering, so I hunt them and stab them with a steak knife. No, I am not next in line to be a serial killer, I just think it’s the humane thing to do!)

Then I called my highschool best friend I’ve recently reconnected with. During our chat, I wondered about my keys. I can’t remember why, but I looked in the little bowl by the door and only saw the spare car key in there.

I began to shuffle through the things on my desk top and table, mentioning to Jennifer that I couldn’t find my keys. That led to a discussion on Alzheimers, and then on to more fun filled topics.

I have to get to bed very early as I need to rise at 4:00 every work day morning, so at 7:45, I sorrowfully said I had to go. I finished up my blog post, then cast about for my keys again.

I looked over the desk and table again. I searched my backpack. I upended my backpack. I searched the bare kitchen counters. I looked in my coat pockets four different times. I looked in the bathroom. I went back outside, covering my hunting path (found another slug to kill).

I was sure I would find it outside, because my car key is one of them fancy dancy electronic remote start keys that cost $$$ to replace, but no, I did not find them out there. I went back in the house, through the whole routine again. I pleaded to the universe for mercy. I was going to go crazy in the near future.

I checked the top of the dryer, and I found the spare car key.

Wait a second. Wasn’t the spare in the little key bowl? I look again. After spending a half hour frantically looking everywhere, I find that I mistook my bunch of keys for the spare key. I had put them where they are supposed to go, after all.


But I assure you, I am not a complete idiot.


Comments on: "“Lost” Keys" (7)

  1. I don’t have a code

  2. Not as bad as the time I ‘lost’ my $140 headset at the movies. I have this nifty neoprene pouch to keep it in. And after watching Les Mis, I swore it fell out of my coat pocket at the theater. So I drove back to the theater the next day, crawled around on the floor with a flashlight, not there. I had searched the pickup about fifty times. Emptied my coat pockets half a dozen times, had resigned myself to having to buy a new one. On my way to the restroom at the theater, after crawling around in the floor, I thrust my hands into my coat pocket, the one I had emptied several times… And there it was. Snug as a bug. About 2 hours, and a couple gallons of gas on that one. Whop waah.

  3. …like the “lost” camera during the jet boat ride…:)

    • Shhh! I thought we weren’t going to talk about that!!! ❤

      • Sheila Craig said:

        We just had to replace Bruce’s keys because we lost his on our vacation. He has his car keys separate, so he puts the house keys ++ in a “safe place”. Went through every thing. Perhaps there is a key fairy to create chaos.

  4. I think you mean, key gremlin!! Or maybe it’s the “safe place” gremlin. He was courting disaster for sure!

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