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I decided to upgrade my equipment last week. It cost me a pretty penny at a time when not a whole lot of money is coming in. (I don’t have a day job anymore) So, I didn’t pay for any shipping. I figured it would take about a week, but, turns out, I have a whole nother week to wait. So I hunkered down to do a lot of research about recording and editing, until John says to me, “Why don’t you practice?”

Well, that didn’t appeal to my more anal side. After all, I wouldn’t be able to use anything. I should have a much different sound after my upgrades, and I’ve read all about consistency. It’s hard enough to achieve using the same equipment, let alone replacing nearly everything.

But John was right. Why not practice? I had the idea of reading “Cats Have No Lord” by Will Shetterly. Okay, some of the advice I’ve read lately says to read something by an author the same gender as you, but the main character is female. But I also read, maybe stick to non fiction if you don’t have a lot of acting experience. Umm, that totally accurately describes me, but…

It’s for practice, right? So, I got down to it today. No prep. I’ve read that book at least four times. Though it’s been several years. Never mind. How many different major characters are there? (How many of those are female?) Never mind. It’s practice. And it will be good practice, to have to figure voices for all those characters.

I’ve been pushing myself to read for longer periods than I have yet. Not that this means I am going for any great lengths, just more than I’m used to, and my voice is feeling it, despite doing the warms up recommended in the article of my previous post. Is it just that I am using a lot of character voices? And may I say, unusual characters? Demons, Wolfs, Cats, Dragons! When it comes time to voice an elderly character, my voice falls so easily into those patterns…

Leave it to me to choose something very difficult to practice with. Nevermind. Hopefully, my vocal stamina will increase…with practice. I’ve done more today than yesterday, but boy, is my voice ready for a rest!


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  1. All very good practice, and when you get back to my book, it will be a piece of cake – enjoyed AFTER a successful session.
    Practice, after all, makes perfect.

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