How many iterations of this blog will there be?

I started out this way, obsessively editing breaths, but after 16 chapters, I eased up a bit. This is nice validation for that!

J. Christopher Dunn's Voiceover Blog

monkeysDo you find yourself meticulously removing every breath in recorded audio like a chimpanzee nit-picking fellow chimps? You may be afflicted.

It starts with difficult breathing brought on by nervousness and stress. It’s recorded as gasping for air or a huge sucking sound.

Common studio remedies include removal or the significant reduction of breath noises. This process can build to neurosis, where beginner to professional voice talent compulsively delete every obnoxious, normal and subtle breath recorded.

If this describes you, you may be suffering from Spiritus Aveho.

Spiritus – The Latin word for “Breath” and defined as: breath, breathing / life / spirit.

Aveho – The Latin word for “Remove” and defined as: to carry away / remove.

This OCD variant troubles many professional voice-talent and producers from beginner to expert.

Well, take a deep breath and relax.  Help is available. With treatment and self-help strategies, you can break free…

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Comments on: "Your Best Narration is Just a Breath Away" (2)

  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by and sharing my blog. Glad it only took 16 chapters for your moment of discovery and not 16 books. 😉

  2. Your blog is awesome, J. Christopher! I really appreciate the one about Redit for the Ipad. It has changed the way I work for the better. You are awesome!

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