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She may have been being snarky, sometimes it’s hard to tell on facebook, but my sister-in-law asked me, isn’t a mouth supposed to make noise? Well, yes, of course, but most of the time, we want those noises to form words, or music. When we refer to mouth noises in narration, we are definitely talking about the unwanted noises our mouths make.

Some people get it worse than others. Sometimes, the noise occurs when you open your lips to take a breath, or some other random place where there should not be any noise. This is bad enough. But if you are truly plagued by it, you will sometimes get noise right in the middle of a vocalization, such as

 The Culprit click this to listen, and listen closely. (There’s only so much you can do with free accounts)

Sure, it doesn’t sound like a huge deal, all by itself, but when there are a lot of these in the overall sound, it makes an impression. And not a good one. So, for someone like me, anal enough to give a shit, there is a program that is just perfect for dealing with these issues. Not all programs are created equally, I can tell you. I’ve worked with Reaper, Pro Tools and Audacity, but the one that deals with this issue the best, and in my opinion is the easiest to deal with overall, is Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio.

It’s the only one I’ve seen so far that breaks the wave form down into the single line you see in these images. They are really super zoomed in. This is what the wave form looks like in a less anal view.


But in order to correct that little clicky sound you hopefully heard in my example, you have to focus in really tight, zero in on the offending wave form, select it

zeroing in  be very precise about this selection. You must start and end at the infinity line. Do this by zooming in even closer

exactly make sure to hit that point on both ends of the selection and then

hit control “x”! Voila!

that's better have another careful listen.

Now imagine going through these steps 50 or 60 times a session! I gotta quit eating dairy!!


Comments on: "Mouth Noise (the persnickety editor)" (4)

  1. Thank you for the illustration. That helps me visualize a little better what you have been talking about. ❤

    • Glad you found it interesting. Some days the problem is worse than others. There are a million and a half strategies out on the web to mitigate the problem, but so far, the best thing seems to be for me to avoid dairy altogether. Now you know why I pass on the ice cream! 😦 What I won’t do…

  2. Lyrian- Don’t those little ‘tks’ drive you crazy? Just when you think you’ve got a well lubed mouth. Ugh!

    Another DAW to give some attention to is Adobe Audition. It has a Spectral Frequency Display that is super helpful in carving out the nasties. ‘tks’ are easily found and erased. It’s similar to using Photoshop.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. I’ve heard good things about Adobe Audition. Can you record with that, or is it just an editing program?

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