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Vocales Interuptus

I finally settled down to a routine of just calmly punching and recording my mistakes, absolutely no increase in stress or heartbeat, just place the cursor, hit control spacebar and try again. Even, thanks to a facebook group link, found out how to automatically crossfade all those errors. Got a nice app on my ipad to read my documents from and make notes of all kinds as I go. And then

waveform 1

What you see to the left of the picture is what a normal wave form looks like, hitting at about -6db. I can’t explain what happened just to the right of center and to the far right. I’m told low frequency rumbles could have that effect, but I have my doubts. I have seen jumps like that when I have knocked something and jarred the mic, but that didn’t happen. I was just reading along and then bam! the sound cut out.

After conducting some experiments, subtracting elements from my sound booth, I determined that this was just something random occuring. I wanted to talk to the microphone manufacturers to see what they thought. When I went to find out about the warranty process, I was advised to contact the seller, which was Amazon. Actually, it was a third party selling through Amazon, but I couldn’t find any information about them on Amazon, so I contacted their help person.

He decided the thing to do would be to send it back for a replacement, but they didn’t have a replacement in stock. I couldn’t get a firm idea of when that would happen, though. I was just to wait for an email confirmation. After some thought, and the inability to record anything, I decided maybe I should have a spare mic. I spent a lot of time on the internet, but finally ended up calling Sweetwater, to talk to Justin, my sales engineer.

I didn’t just get me a spare mic, I got me the next step up. I laid out a significant chunk of change, but Justin gave me a deal on expedited shipping, so it will come to me in just a few hours.

I’m willing to believe all this happened for a reason, and that reason is to get me into this new microphone and I can start recording better than ever.

It would be nice to get a paying gig soon, because unemployment wrote to me today, telling me they weren’t going to pay me until they could figure out whether this narration business of mine would get in the way of accepting and looking for work. Oh joy.

Look for samples soon from my new mic.


Comments on: "Vocales Interuptus" (2)

  1. What did you step up to? What mic are you stepping away from? Spill the details!

  2. I started with a Rode NT1A.(Actually, my very first mic was an AT2020 USB mic that I gave up when I went to punch and record.) I don’t want to dump on the NT1A. I may have been barking up the wrong tree by diagnosing it as the problem. I think, had I bought through other than Amazon, there might have been a little more work done to sort things out.

    But Justin had me move into a dynamic mic, the Shure SM7B, with the hope that it will combat any low frequencies that might be floating around, and hopefully pick up less mouth noise. Isn’t it terrible, I can’t reproduce the sales pitch! I’m freaking out a little bit for having spent the cash, then finding out the next day I’m not getting my unemployment check for at a minimum three weeks. I may be done entirely with it. At least my tax return money is on the way.

    So, the SM7B needs a pre, which I didn’t need with the Rode, so I also got a Cloudlifter, and then to top it off, needed another XLR!

    I had been looking at this site and I played the game where I listened, to the warm female voice, and made notes of mics I liked the sound of by letter, and turned out the SM7B was one of the ones I did like the sound of very much.

    I live in a rural area, and I did consider driving over 100 miles to get to a store that might let me do my own demos, but in the end, I trusted Justin’s opinion, and he also said he would cover the return shipping if it turns out I don’t like it. I have nothing but good things to say about Sweetwater.

    I may have misled you into thinking I laid out some serious cash for a Neumann or the like, but as I say, I am unemployed at the moment, so even though the Shure is a moderately price mic, it’s a significant purchase to me.

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