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Weedy Poultice

Shayla told me about plantain poultices, and I learned about the herb “heals all” from the Coos Bay Garden Club. Today I combined the two and made a crazy chin poultice. A very challenging part of the body to accomplish this feat with. I had visions of going into production with an herbal hemorrhoid treatment. Turns out I don’t recommend this at all. But being the weekend I will go ahead and leave the poultice on my chin.

I’ve been plagued with an occasional contact dermatitis on my chin for several years now. I’ve learned to keep my chin free of any foreign substance as much as possible. I rarely eat apples now because the juice can drip onto my chin and cause a problem. I keep a tube of hydrocortisone around 4 when I get a flare up. But on Wednesday I got a terrible rash right smack dab in the center of my chin. I had to go to the store to find a mortar and pestle which in my small town is no small feat, but totally worth it to not have to chew the stuff up myself!  It wasn’t till the weekend when I felt I had the time to get into this project.



I heard a tale yesterday about how a woman from Washington State brought home plastic bags from Oregon because she was having difficulties at home being deprived of plastic bags. That sounded ridiculous to me. I throw away so much packaging, most of the time there is a fresh plastic bag on the top layer of the kitchen garbage. But this time I did utilize this purple plastic bag to collect the weeds going into my poultice: pulmonary vulgaris or “heals all” and a variety of plantain, both of which grow plentifully on my property.

It’s easy to find an example of the plantain but the pulmonara has dried out quite a bit this August so I had to range a little far to collect that.

I didn’t want range too far because I’m a little embarrassed about the poultice I’m wearing, as well as the general state of disrepair I find myself in today.

I really hope I will be able to post a picture of my amazingly healed dermatitis. I almost forgot to post a before picture.

Take a look again at my collection.

I wonder what kind of disaster I avoided by picking this herb or weed out of my collection. But the other stuff sounds like it would make a great healing poultice.

Apparently you don’t want the roots.

It seemed at first I had too much.

I feel someone could really take out their aggressions using a mortar and pestle.

First I chopped then I ground.

it was a messy proposition but finally I think I got a usable product.

so much that I had to figure a way to store it.

But the results aren’t attractive. The chin is a very difficult part of the body to give a poultice to.

I had to invent a way to make a poultice, being my first time.

I am trying a new way of blogging. Hopefully I will have some future results to wrap everything up. So far this is what I’ve got. I’m going to publish now but I’ll update later with a picture of my wound this evening. Hopefully it will show a miraculous healing. I’m only publishing now because WordPress is telling me there’s a problem uploading my media and I want to see how bad the problem really is.

I need a new poultice but I got to quickly eat dinner before I put a new one on. So far this is how the wound is doing.

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