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Why is my life so complicated?

This is breakfast.

Ever since I found out I had diverticulosis from a terrible attack of diverticulitis I have attempted to change my diet to add more fiber. One of the ways I chose was to have a “fiber shake” for breakfast.

The glass jar contains a mixture of ground flax seeds (which lose their potency after they’ve been ground so you only want to do a bit at a time) and psyllium husk. Grinding the flax seeds is a snap using a coffee grinder, but keeping the coffee grinder “clean” is a source of some stress.

There is only one place in town that sells the Triple Zero yogurt drink and it’s clear on the far side of town in a store I’m not used to shopping in, so I only go in there and pick up yogurt drink and get the heck out of there. (It has to be the Triple Zero yogurt because there is zero added sugar as well as having a tiny bit of fiber!)

Preparing the yogurt drink is a story in and of itself. First I open the cap and pour a tiny bit out into the blender, then I get a funnel and add a teaspoon of cinnamon and a packet of probiotics, whereupon I replace the cap and shake vigorously.

If I forget, and add the cinnamon and probiotics directly to the blender they won’t blend in completely. They stick to the sides and create a gooey glob that is difficult to remove. In the early hours of the day this seems like a disaster of universal proportions. So now after I pour the small amount into the blender I move the blender far out of reach, so I won’t make that dreaded mistake.

The probiotic is a curious addition. it’s pretty expensive so I tried living without it for a month and paid the price in digestive distress. But this could be a case of “correlation is not causation”. But my PCP said it can’t hurt me, so I added it back in. (It does have the potential of hurting my wallet however.)

Hiding in the picture above are the images of two banana halves. Most days I usually use a single banana half, but the day this picture was taken Johnny decided that he would like 2/3 of a banana. Since I was left with 1/3, I decided that would not be adequate so I cut another banana in half and used 3/4 of a fruit made up of two bananas.

Yes now that you’ve carefully examined the picture you’ve noticed that these look like yucky black-skinned bananas but these smooshy bananas are ideal for using in a smoothie.

The last ingredient not pictured is 4 cubes of ice. Getting the right number of cubes out of the automatic ice maker is another source of complication…

So the process is:

Step 1) Far too early in the morning, get all of the ingredients out of the refrigerator and perform the dance with the probiotic drink.

Step 2) Smoosh up the mushy banana after which, deconstruct the peel so that it will better break down in the compost heap.
Step 3) Wash hands then add the ice cubes.

Step 4) Sprinkle a tablespoon of the flax seed blend on to the ice cubes and blend, using a pulse motion at first before blending continually for 60 seconds.

Step 5) find a sanitary place to set aside tablespoon for consumption of Barlean’s Omega Swirl fish oil (which has bestowed benefits upon me worthy of a separate blog post)

The end result is a quite tasty morning smoothie but I have to wonder why is my life so complicated? (Insert tongue in cheek.)

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  1. I love you! You are so meticulous and your determination to find the right steps amazes me. So often I just say “F^ck it” and do whatever. And I’m sure I’m paying the price, ending up feeling like poo. So complicate away – as long as it’s making a positive difference. ❤

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