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Spring in January?

I’ve experienced my first gardening anxiety of the year, and it’s only January! I only had a tiny outburst, despite being mighty uncomfortable for a straight 3 hours. I really hoped this year would be different. That may still be in the cards. I’m hoping to avoid the craziness I feel when I become overwhelmed and mystified by my yard.

I’ve already done quite a bit in the yard without suffering too much stress. I’ve pruned my 3 apple trees. I do worry that I might have overdone it, but I’m content to wait and see before I pass judgement. I more aggressively pruned two huckleberry bushes. They’ve been in my care for over a dozen years and this is the first time I’ve taken the loppers to them. I’m pretty confident I haven’t hurt them as I read common treatment for them is to cut them clear to the ground!

The other thing I’ve done in my yard, to good success, is use a harmless herbicide. It is truly non-harming to the environment and I am well pleased with the results. I bought an extra tea kettle for $5.00 at the Good Will and I heat one while I take the other one out to pour boiling water on the small hairy bittercress weeds that are emerging right now. It’s a lot of back and forthing that piles on the steps for my activity tracker!

Of course it’s not completely harmless. In an area where water conservation is a concern, this would be less than ideal. And then of course, I am using energy to heat the water. But I don’t stress about this much at all.

So what happened today? There is this amazing compost made here in town (Sea Coast Compost, look for it!) and I decided to get some. Yes, that was the source. Racing thoughts that are primarily questions. Do I know just what to do with this stuff? Would I be able to find the place? Had I already made an ass out of myself with the guy? Was I stupid questing after compost in January? Was I just going to waste it all and have more garden failures?

I also had an argument with my guy because He thought we should get twice the amount of the already inflated amount I was fixing to get. I had thought two five gallon buckets would suffice, but Johnny thought we should use a garbage can we collect recycling with AND our house garbage can. I didn’t want to use our smelly house garbage can! I didn’t even think I would use all of a garbage can’s worth to good effect. I insisted we only use the one garbage can and this created a stupid amount of friction.

Now it’s the next day and our recycle can is still full of compost. I need to make a trip to town and when I come back, I’ll need to begin using the compost. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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