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Last month, I got laid off from a job as a Process Tech for an Optical Manufacturer 35 miles from my home. The company began to flounder a few years ago, and ever since the first round of lay offs, morale began sinking. I had experienced a three week furlough some time back and things started looking up after they asked me back that time…business wise. Morale wise, it was still sinking.

To be honest, I wasn’t very disheartened when they firmly laid me off last month. Although I dearly love my former coworkers, it’s hard to work around dissatisfied people. And, more importantly, it gave me the opportunity to start up my own business, a business which follows my passion. Books. Audiobooks!

So here it is, the inaugural post of my newly named blog, a blog that reflects my new business name, Coyote Monster Audio Productions. Here you can follow along my quest to become a successful voice actor. I hope to attract fellow voice actors and audiobook lovers, but all are welcome. And if you take a mind to, wander over to see what’s happening at my website.

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