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Hello, WordPress public!

I created a poll a couple posts ago, and got some lovely responses from family members! (Thanks a bunch!) I wanted to find out what the appeal of my blog might be to strangers, though. How does it work?

I’m sure the answer is as varied as the people in the world, but I’d like a clue. I spent a whole day creating a blog that was seen by very few people, even my facebook crowd. The ones that did see it, liked it and decided to follow my blog, for whatever that’s worth.

I’m not a real ambitious person, but I would like to see some reaction from my blogs. I started it to create a presence on the web, so that when I publish my book, I can reach a broader audience. In the mean time, I just ramble about things that cross my mind, and hope to start a conversation.

Up till a second ago, I was going to title this blog gagalicious. Just did a google and I definitely don’t want to do that!! I shudder to think of the followers I would get from a tag like that. But I was trying to come up with a catchy word to describe a gagging impression a person might take from a title or content or perceived personality.

The blog I worked so hard on which got very little traffic, was titled, “We’re the Best that We Can Be” Ironically enough, the blog talked about my own gagging response to this, our high school class motto.

I also get a bit of a yikes response to people I perceive to be falsely, or ignorantly, bright, peppy, optimistic, or new age. I believe I will write a blog on my views of new age. They will certainly be typically contradictory. But hopefully, it will help sort out my own prickly feelings.

Because here comes the contradictory bit of this blog. As I worked through my blog about my class motto, I came to realize that the problem I had with it was all in my head. When viewed from a different perspective, I could see that this motto had something to teach me, something to help me, something to believe in.

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