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Japanese Anemone

I’m getting depressed that my garden is stressing me out so much. I follow a blog whose blogger proclaimed English Ivy as his arch nemesis.  I thought, yes, I need to work on the ivy that is going to smother my Myrtlewoods. Haven’t.

Instead, I am dismayed by the intractable bracken fern, the pernicious dandelions and the obstinate Japanese Anemone. These have never given me an impressive display and I had other things to plant so I thought I’d remove them. Ha!

I thought if they had competition from other plants and I repeatedly pulled out any green they sent up, I would eventually beat it. This makes me want to take the “not” out of my blog title! I was out there today with a shovel. I didn’t know when I was cutting into the anemone roots or the shrubs that I want to keep there.

I uprooted 4 perennials in the name of the cause. It remains to be seen if my tactics will have a more satisfying effect. I called the friend who gave me this plant in the first place. She told me at the time that it would take over and I shouldn’t plant it anywhere with other things growing. Did I listen?? Of course not.

I asked her if she had eradicated the anemone she was working on when she gave me these plants 4 years ago. The answer was no, along with a description of the methods she used. Nothing I haven’t tried.

But perhaps I am more anal than her and will have better luck.

I wish.


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